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Jun 10, 2020

Florals and Foliage: Incorporating Plants and Botanicals Into Your Everyday Decor

Though the weather is beautiful and we’re all spending as much time as possible outdoors, there is something to be said about the beauty of bringing those outdoor elements inside to brighten up your decor. Plants and botanicals – whether in the form of a potted trailing vine or a freshly-cut bouquet of seasonal blooms – can have massive and positive effects on how we feel, so it’s high time we recognize the importance of allowing yourself a little green pick-me-up to elevate both your mood and your home’s aesthetic.

Read on for some of our top ways to incorporate blooms into the everyday – before you know it, you’ll be heading out the door on a trip to your nearest garden center to find a few beauties of your own.

Color Infusion

Whenever you have a neutral-based space or a soft and light color palette mix, a bouquet of flowers in a saturated contrasting color can instantly brighten the room. Yellow, magenta, red, orange, blue – whatever color you desire, it’s a pop of refreshing energy that offers a touch of surprise and happiness in an otherwise still and pared-down area. Depending on the season, too, your blooms and their hues can transform the aesthetic of your space in a snap. Bright tulips in the heart of winter bring about cheeriness and the promise of spring, while loud sunflowers speak to the bold sights, smells, and sounds of long summer days. The possibilities are endless.

Texture and Height

Foliage comes in unexpected shapes and forms, too, and it’s worth thinking outside the box on occasion. A collection of branches – whether flowering or bare – can offer height and interest in a minimally-decorated corner or living room, white opting for completely unique flowers that favor texture over soft petals can be just the touch of intrigue that a coffee table or entryway needs.

Bringing Life to the Space

Craving a dose of the outdoors, but not sold on the idea of constantly replacing fresh bouquets? Consider potted plants – especially larger varieties that help to anchor a space visually. Ferns, palms, fiddle leaf figs, and statuesque trees can have a profound impact on the way you feel in a space, and since they are living and breathing decor pieces, they offer an added layer of life that you simply cannot get elsewhere.

Centerpiece Beauty

Nothing completes a dinner party (or just everyday dining room decor) like a centerpiece of flowers or greenery. Potted flowers give a space height and year-round style, while floral bouquets arranged in a variety of vases of all shapes and sizes allow you to get creative to achieve the look you desire. Whatever you opt for, a table centerpiece is guaranteed to elevate your dining space in a way that is timeless, elegant, and ultra chic.

There’s no doubt that florals and foliage have the power to bring about joy and interest in any space. From living rooms and console tables to bedroom nightstands and bathroom countertops, there’s no limit to the opportunities for vibrancy and excitement that await. All you have to do is choose your favorites, determine the perfect location, and let their beauty do the rest.