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Apr 25, 2019

Historic Meets Contemporary: How to Make Historic Homes Feel Contemporary and Fresh

Preserving the timeless elements of historic homes is essential to keeping their original design and aesthetic thriving. In our fast-paced and contemporary world, though, it can be tricky to live in a relic of the past, and designing within these spaces is challenging. Functionally, historic homes often have extensive renovation needs – from rerouting and […]


Apr 9, 2019

Bold & Beautiful: Using Furniture to Create Visual Interest and Art Within a Room

Furniture is about more than function. It’s an opportunity to create visual interest within a space and to make a completely unique statement. While pared down and neutral elements certainly play an important role in design, there’s nothing quite like a bold and beautiful piece to elevate your home’s style. Wondering whether a stand-out furniture […]


Mar 26, 2019

Exterior Transformations: Why A Bold Front Door is A Design Must-Have

Your front door – whether it’s a refurbished original or a custom-designed piece – is an often-overlooked gem that deserves a lot of love. After all, the entryway to your home can make or break a first impression. Why stick to styles that everyone else is doing when you can let your personality pop right […]


Mar 9, 2019

The Beauty of Wallpaper: Why We Love This Classic Choice

A bold color can transform a room, but there’s nothing quite like wallpaper to make it come alive. While it’s not the right fit for every space, opting for wallpaper in your home can have an immediate effect on your emotions, adding a sense of whimsy and liveliness that otherwise might go unnoticed. In today’s […]