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Mar 26, 2020

Letting the Light in: Window Designs

As the season shifts and we start to see greenery emerge from the thawing ground and treetops, there’s a natural move in all of us to let the light in. Daylight lasts a bit longer each evening, and the urge to open up the windows and fill our spaces with sunshine is strong. Yet, for as much attention as we give to the furniture layout and decor elements of a room, the architectural details of windows are often relegated to the last slot. The truth, however, is that window design is essential to completing a space. It’s what dictates the level of need for lighting, the interior color palette selected, and the arrangement of each individual piece to create a collective whole.

To give you inspiration for your own windows, read on. We’re sharing design ideas to remind you that it is possible to completely change the aesthetic of a space – all you need is a little extra light.


The softness that an arched window adds to a room cannot be overstated. Especially in a space that is anchored by crisp and straight edges and silhouettes, having a rounded window pane can add an extra level of dimension and interest. Whether the style is more traditional or ultra contemporary, an arched window is an instant classic.

Diamond Panes

Evoking a timeless and historic vibe, diamond-pane windows add a simple, yet detailed, beauty to a room. Whether preserved in a historic home or added as a new architectural feature, they are absolutely the way to go for any window that is intended as a focal point. A small window at a stair landing or a modern and eclectic office window, for instance, becomes a piece of art with diamond panes added to the mix, giving an unexpected and beautiful air to the space.

Small Panes

While large-scale windows are stunning, windows with a multitude of smaller panes together give dimension and depth to a room. The window works as a whole piece, yet each individual pane also serves as its own unique view to the exterior. One corner may provide a glimpse of a blossoming treetop while another corner showcases the lapping waters of a nearby pond or lake. The views are truly endless.


Speaking of views, there is no greater way to embrace a wide and sweeping view than with floor-to-ceiling windows. French doors that open onto a terrace, windows that run the length of a room, or windows that stretch to the top of a vaulted ceiling – they all work wonders to let natural light pour in and provide a jaw-dropping picture of the outside world. Whenever a home or commercial space sits on a particularly beautiful piece of land, these are absolute must haves.


Of course, there are also spaces within a home that call for an infusion of natural light, but equally need a heavy dose of privacy – particularly in bathrooms and bedrooms. To balance the two, the best solution is to set windows at a level high enough to block any views to the interior, but with panes large enough to let in significant light. With glimpses of the treetops accompanying an invigorating morning shower or a relaxing reading session before bed, you’re sure to feel right at home.

Windows are essential to establishing the proper aesthetic in a home, and while some homes are naturally equipped with perfect views to the outdoors, others need a revamp to add personality and function. From small panes to diamonds, arches, and more, there are endless ways to let in the light, and with a bit of creativity and know-how, you’re sure to get it right.