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Feb 21, 2020

Artistic Flair: How Unique Artwork Can Bring a Space to Life

Furniture, architectural details, bedding, lighting, and more are all essential to the design of a space, but nothing brings a room to life quite like the walls. Artwork can transform a room by creating a haven of relaxation and peace, or it can fill a corner with color and pattern, infusing energy and play into the mix. A good piece of art is the anchor of an entire design, and it immediately sets the tone, connecting the room’s miscellaneous elements together for a collected and curated aesthetic. 

There are many different forms of artwork you can choose from, of course, and there’s no doubt that for every style there exists the perfect piece for your walls. To give you inspiration for your own home decor, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite ways to dress up your walls. With a bit of creativity and intentional placement, your space is sure to be elevated to the highest level possible. 


Mirrors are about more than a functional reminder to check your hair or clothing before you walk out the door. They naturally reflect light, meaning they’re great for opening up small spaces, and beyond that, there’s no limit to the styles available. Go for a vintage piece with an aged brass frame for a timeless look. Or, opt for an eclectic frame with feathers, ruffles, or unique sculptural lines. Whether placed at the end of a hallway or above a workspace, mirrors are simply stunning pieces of art. 

Large-Scale Murals

For a space that needs a touch of drama, a large-scale mural will do the trick. In a dining space, an abstract or landscape print can add color and depth without overwhelming the room visually, while a wide-open staircase needs an anchoring piece or two to add a touch of intimacy and character. Just be sure to balance the rest of the decor elements accordingly; you want the mural to take center stage. 

Sculptural Wall Art

Sculptural wall art is a fantastic way to showcase a home’s personality. Not only does it add a 3-D element to the area, but it feels wholly unexpected and whimsical at heart, which instantly adds a dose of interest to your walls. 

Whimsical & Colorful Pieces

Whether you’re decorating a playroom, office, or living room, a whimsical pattern or colorful print can work wonders to bring life to a space. Especially if you’re combining multiple prints and a brighter color palette, a piece that pulls in all of your colors together can make everything feel cohesive and planned. 

Vintage Splendor

A vintage portrait is always in style, and regardless of your room’s aesthetic – be it contemporary or rooted in traditional architectural elements – a piece of art in this realm will bring charm and warmth to the space. For an unexpected twist on this classic piece, try layering multiple frames together either in a gallery wall ensemble or leaning against a wall for a more casual and inviting look. 

Modern Portraits

Of course, sometimes the most arresting works of art are those that feature real people in ultra-modern forms. Perhaps the artwork you gravitate towards is Warhol-esque in style. Or maybe you long for a dash of color in an otherwise entirely neutral space. Whatever the case may be, a modern portrait certainly raises the bar when it comes to a space’s style. 

Your artwork is an extension of your personality. Choose the pieces you love and your space is guaranteed to feel fresh, fabulous, and unapologetically you.