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Jan 2, 2020

New Year, New Space – Refreshing Your Home with Bright Winter Whites

No color is more synonymous with winter than white. Yet, this neutral staple isn’t confined to only one shade. White is, in reality, far more diverse. From warmer, creamier hues to ultra-bright tones, the shades on each end of the spectrum and everywhere in between are wide in variety and forever classic. Choosing a white for your home is a timeless choice that is luxurious at its core.

Need inspiration? Read on for some of the ways we’ve incorporated winter whites into our designs. After all, there’s a reason this color has become a go-to – it’s guaranteed to make any space feel sleek and chic.

Crisp Bedding

Is there any better way to start the new year than with fresh, crisp bedding? While there is always a place for pops of color and complementary texture on a bed, having a layer of white to anchor it in place makes all the difference. By making a bright white the center of your bedding design, you can welcome in all the hygge that winter has to offer while still allowing for seasonal color shifts as the months go by. Switching out throw pillows or sheets is a breeze with a white base, and though you may slightly alter your decor from time to time, white will help your bedroom consistently feel timeless and new.

Luxurious Bathroom Linens

Towels with color or pattern are beautiful, yes, but nothing feels more luxurious than elegant and plush white towels in your master bath. Though it’s a simple touch, it goes a long way towards making your home feel like a true getaway. If you’re debating whether to opt for a pop of personality or keep things streamlined, we always recommend going for those winter whites. Use wall art or bold tile as outlets for your creativity instead; when it comes to your bathroom linens, if you keep it classic, you’ll never regret it.

Winter-Inspired Walls

Whether you love an all-over coat of white in your space to keep things feeling bright and open or you prefer to use a wallpaper print that blends whimsical patterns with a base of white, you simply cannot go wrong with winter-inspired walls. Just keep in mind that white is not universal – if you’re going for a more traditional aesthetic, opt for warmer hues, and if you’re drawn to more modern and contemporary styles, lean towards the brighter and cooler shades.  The right shade of white elevates a space to its fullest potential, and when paired with an infusion of colorful furniture and decor, it’s a match that always wins.

White Decor

If  you already have a bold and colorful home and want splashes of white to mix things up, or you love an all-over neutral look for your home, embracing the art of layering whites into your decor is a must. From candelabras to light fixtures, rugs to artwork, the opportunities for a curated and eclectic look are endless, and white works to instantly give your space a style upgrade.

As you settle into the next few months of winter and snow, remember that though the world may currently lack an infusion of color, there is still so much inspiration to be had. Embrace those winter white hues and you’re sure to find that your home feels refreshed and ready for all the exciting changes the new year brings.