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Nov 11, 2019

Mixing Contemporary & Traditional Styles

An all-over contemporary or a traditional-heavy room can be absolutely stunning, but when it comes to creating a space that truly comes to life with a unique flair, it’s all about mixing and matching different styles. Of course, balance is the key to this arrangement, and it’s important to first anchor your room in one type of aesthetic before branching out and adding contrasting elements. Once you have your base, though, there’s no limit to what you can do.

In today’s post, we’re taking a stroll back through some of our favorite designs that blend contemporary and traditional styles – and showing you how to do it along the way. If you’re read to dive into a realm that truly stands out with unexpected excitement, then read on. You just may feel inspired to use these styling tips in all of your rooms.

Artwork Panache

In a design driven by one specific style, the easiest – and possibly the most impactful – way to add a dash of another style is via artwork. Take, for instance, a living room filled with vintage and antique pieces. It’s gorgeous, yes, but with a colorful contemporary piece of art added to the wall, it is suddenly transformed into an intentional space that defies expectations. Similarly, if your furniture is made up of largely modern silhouettes, try mixing things up by using artwork with a more classic aesthetic (think portraits, sketches, and more).

Furniture Flair

The beautiful thing about furniture is that aside from fitting scale and size to the dimensions of a room, there are a million ways to mix and match styles. Pulling together an assortment of various furniture silhouettes and colors gives a room an eclectic touch and makes the space feel lived in and warm. If you’re looking for a curated effect – one that tells a story in each piece – then this is the direction your design should take.

Layers Upon Layers

When it comes to combining styles, oftentimes less is not more. In fact, a successfully mixed design usually does the opposite, embracing layers to create a multi-faceted space with a touch of whimsical verve. From artwork to sculptures, candelabras to lighting, the more texture and interest, the better.

Color Palette Magic

Not quite ready to extensively layer or mix and match too many styles together? You can still achieve a blended look by keeping to a simple color palette. In general, the more pared down your colors, the more wild you can go with the rest of the room, incorporating a vast array of patterns, prints, textures, and materials.

Bold Statements

Architecture often dictates how a room will be designed, but there’s no reason you can’t jazz it up a notch. A tie dye area rug, bold draperies, and more can infuse a space with life and personality – all while keeping the confines of the space firmly rooted in the building’s history.

The bottom line is that when it comes to styling your space, you shouldn’t ever be afraid to go against the grain. Mixing contemporary and traditional styles may seem like a risk, but in our opinion, it is well worth it.