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Jun 17, 2019

Colorful Accents: Why Bold is Always in Style

While we love a good monochromatic look, and a neutral-heavy space can be absolutely stunning, there’s a reason we also love to incorporate bold pops of color in so many of our designs. Simply put, it’s always in style.

We all tend to gravitate towards the colorful in life, and even a slight infusion of an eye-popping shade in an otherwise subtle home can add a dash of personality that instantly uplifts our moods. So, if you’re as in love with color pops as we are but aren’t quite sure how to incorporate them into your design, then you’ve come to the right place. In today’s post, we’ll be talking all about our favorite ways to add a splash of bold color to your space, and we guarantee that whether you just want a small dash or an entire bold wall, color is in – and it’s definitely for every style.

Add an Accent Piece

Perhaps the easiest and quickest way to add a colorful point of interest in your space is to add in an accent piece or two. This can be a larger piece (think a buffet or tufted sofa), or it can be a collection of smaller pieces peppered throughout (think a vase or other décor elements placed on a styled shelf). Regardless of the size you choose, the best part about this type of color infusion is that it’s changeable whenever you want to mix things up – simply replace the piece itself, and voila! You have a whole new look.

Use Patterns & Prints

Unsure about an all-over shade? Opt for prints and patterns in things like wallpaper or throw pillows instead. It still gives you that sense of the unexpected but breaks things up visually and serves as a nice middle ground between a neutral and completely color-soaked room. Plus, with the multitude of styles out there, you can get creative with layering different pieces, which will result in an inviting and eclectic look for your space.

Opt for Bold Paint (But Balance it Out)

Ready to go for it on a large scale? Then we say a hearty “yes” to choosing a bold paint color that’ll give your room a dose of excitement right away. Just remember, though, that the trick to making a vibrant paint color feel timeless and enjoyable is to create balance with the rest of the elements in the space. Keep furniture and décor largely neutral and let that gorgeous paint shade stand out from the crowd.

Stay Within a Coordinating Palette

Of course, color can quickly go overboard if you’re not careful. To avoid that claustrophobic or too-busy feeling, stay within a coordinating color palette. You can have as wild of colors as you like, but you still want to make sure they all work together as a whole – not just individually. It’s all about keeping your design cohesive with a larger vibe.

A colorful space is a happy space (in our opinion), and though popularity may shift from year to year in terms of which colors are “in style,” color itself is a classic design choice that never disappoints. So, don’t be afraid to take a risk or two as you restyle your home – you just might find that it makes your space truly one of a kind.