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Aug 25, 2019

Area Rugs: How to Choose Iconic Patterns That Never Go Out of Style

An area rug is more than just a landing pad for your furniture. It helps to define a space and if chosen well, can serve as the anchor point to bring all of the remaining decor elements together as one cohesive look. Every room – from a spacious living area with gorgeous original hardwood floors to a modern loft with polished concrete and exposed beams – can benefit from an area rug.

To help you choose an iconic pattern that never goes out of style, we’re sharing our top three tips today – because everyone deserves to live in a space where their own personality abounds, no matter the style.

Create Movement

One of the best rules of thumb when choosing a rug is to look for opportunities for visual movement. Stripes, a color gradient, and more work to keep your eye moving across the room. Whether you use this to draw attention to a certain architectural component (e.g. a large staircase) or you use it simply to elongate the space, a rug with movement is both stylish and functional.

Add Texture

Not sold on the idea of a bold and whimsical pattern? For those who prefer a more toned-down approach to their decor and want to stay in the realm of neutrals, then texture is your best friend. As long as you look for subtle shifts in pattern or material in a rug, you can still have that iconic look, and as a bonus, your neutral palette will allow you to easily shift the room’s aesthetic (should you ever choose to redecorate down the line).

Embrace the Unexpected

Of course, an area rug is the perfect way to try something bold and unique, and we’re always fans of embracing the unexpected in a space. Why not mix traditional and contemporary styles together? Or, why not go all out and add an explosion of patterns to the room? As long as your textiles complement your rug, you’ll be golden, and by choosing a rug with a completely surprising print, your design instantly transforms from typical to ground-breaking. With a descriptive like that, who wouldn’t want to defy the norm?

Of course, regardless of the style of rug you choose, the key is to keep everything in balance. As long as you work with the colors and textures in the overall space, your rug will both stand out and blend in seamlessly – and that is what we like to call design perfection.